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The 13: e Protein Import AB (SELF omninutrion) is proud to offer the best range of food supplements on the market, helping people to live better by bringing well-being and joy of eating food supplements in their daily lives. For over 12 years we are always at the forefront in offering innovative products, always providing the best quality on our wide range of products for sport, formulated to help you achieve any goal.

In all our products we use only the finest ingredients available on the market. Thus converting high quality ingredients in Dietary Supplements healthy and safe. To strengthen this in our production lines is followed HACCP and GMP for the safety and quality of products placed on the market.

Next to this our Quality Office uses independent laboratories to further ensure the full microbiological safety of all materials used.

As for taste, these are unsurpassed. Our Development Department has created a new "New Flavour Technology" to flavor all our products. For this we are sure that you can find through our entire range of products, the taste perfect for you.


Helping people live better.


Become the leading company in Europe by 2020, reducing our impact on the planet.


Be the choice nr. 1 brand and product for people.

Continuous improvement

Be proud to buy products SELF omninutrition.

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