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All Time Protein

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Product Overview:

All Time Protein is, as the name suggests, an ultimate protein powder, perfect for all occasions. It consists of a mixture of 4 protein sources, whey, egg white, casein and hydrolyzed whey! Each portion gives you a full 24 g of protein with different fast absorption so that the body always has access to free amino acids in the blood.

Key benefit:
  • Blend of 4 protein sources
  • Whey, egg albumin, casein and hydrolyzed whey
  • 24g of Protein per serving
  • To be taken at any time of the day
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Great taste
  • Gluten free

    Energy 110kcal/460kJ
    of which saturated
    of which sugars
    Protein 24g
    Salt 0,12g
    Vitamin D 3ug *30%
    Calcium 120mg *15%
    Magnesium 54mg *15%
    Ingredients: Whey protein (isolate & concentrate) (milk),
    milk protein (micellar casein), egg albumin, whey protein hydrolyzed (milk),
    amino acids (glycine 4%, l-alanine 2%, l-lysine 2%), magnesium citrate,
    calcium citrate, flavor, cholicalciferol (vit D3), stabilizing agents (E341, E466),
    sweetener (sucralose E950).
    May contain traces of soy and oat.
    *daily nutrient reference value
    NRV /
    ** naturaly occurring sugars
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    All Time Protein
    All Time Protein
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    All Time Protein
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