B Complex

Supports energy production, for fat and protein metabolism, supports functions of the brain and nervous system, boosts immune defences

60 cps
€ 9.99


1 capsule daily.


Key benefits

  • Supports energy production
  • For fat and protein metabolism
  • Supports functions of the brain and nervous system
  • Boosts immune defences

Product Overview

B COMPLEX contains all the B-group vitamins with an addition of vitamin C and zinc (that supports the immune system). These essential vitamins are involved in various metabolic reactions, which would no longer function properly in their absence. B-vitamins have various important functions in the human body. Hair, skin, muscles, blood, and energy production all depend on these vitamins. All these reactions depend on each other, so just a small deficiency of B group vitamins is enough to cause general unbalance in metabolism. B-PLUS COMPLEX is an easy way to take these essential vitamins and you will feel an energy boost in just a couple of days.


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