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B Complex Vitamin C + Zinc

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Fortify your health with B Complex Vitamin C + Zinc. This booster blend provides essential vitamins to help boost your immunity, metabolism, and energy levels.
Enjoy the benefits of B Complex, Vitamin C and Zinc all in one convenient supplement.

Key benefits

  • Increased focus
  • Reduces mental fatigue
  • Increases concentration
  • Increases energy
  • Gluten free

    Zinc / zinc-gluconate 15mg (*150%)
    Vit C / ascorbic acid 500mg (*625%)
    Vit B1 / thiamine-Hcl 25mg (*2275%)
    Vit B2 25mg (*1785%)
    Vit B3 / nicotinamide 54mg (*340%)
    Vit B6 / pyridoxine-Hcl 10mg (*750%)
    Folic Acid 400ug (*200%)
    Vit B12 / cyanocobalamin 1000ug (*40000%)
    Biotin / d-biotine 450ug (*900%)
    Pantothenic Acid 18mg (*300%)
    Vegan cps. E1204
    Stabilizing agents E953, E470B, E551
    * daily nutrient reference values NRV
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    • In stock, ready to ship
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    B Complex Vitamin C + Zinc
    B Complex Vitamin C + Zinc
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