Egg & Oat Premium

Egg & Oat Premium

High protein content, low glycemic carbohydrates, rich in fiber, lactose free and gluten free, Vit C, D, B2, B6 & B12 added

€ 28.99


1-3 portions daily according to need, and considering other protein sources in food.


Key benefits

  • High protein content
  • Low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Rich in fiber
  • Lactose free and gluten free
  • Vit C, D, B2, B6 & B12 added

Product Overview

It is a product based on proteins and carbohydrates. The proteins originate from egg white. They have a high nutritional value VB 100 (biological value) and a high digestibility. They are particularly rich in the principal amino acid leucine for the stimulation of protein synthesis. Also suitable for all those people who are intolerant to milk and soy. The instant oatmeal is a source of low GI carbohydrates that released gradually to not create blood sugar swings, such as from regular sugar.  We used a type of GMO free oat, processed and ground into a fine powder. Natural rich in beta-glucans, prebiotics elements that promote the proliferation of intestinal flora, thus favoring a perfect functioning of the whole organism. It must not be underestimated the content in unsaturated essential fatty acids, and in particular of the omega-6, ingredient with antioxidant action, cell protection that impedes the formation of free radicals.  This product is particularly suitable for breakfast. We often underestimate the importance of breakfast, either for lack of hunger, that's why Sport Egg and Oat is meeting our necessities, allows us in an easy and quick way to consume all the nutrients essential to address the many commitments of the day. Thanks to the presence of oat powder is suitable as a part of the ingredients for pancakes, cakes and protein muffins.

Nutrition Facts

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