Optimises muscle build-up, effective fat-burning, improves muscle build-up, reduces muscle mass breakdown

100 cps
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Take 4 capsules daily.


Key benefits

  • Optimises muscle build-up
  • Effective fat-burning
  • Improves muscle build-up
  • Reduces muscle mass breakdown

Product Overview

HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) is a leucine metabolite, which prevents protein breakdown and promotes muscle hypertrophy (increase of cells constructing tissue); it also reduces possible muscle strain injuries after high intensity training, thus decreasing the percentage of fat in the body. Recent studies have also shown that taking HMB increases muscle strength, reduces the symptoms of overtraining, and promotes a positive resulting effect on VO2max (maximum oxygen consumption). Some experts believe that VO2max is a crucial factor in athlete’s competition results. HMB is a valuable supplement for strength, performance, and endurance. 

Nutrition Facts

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