Nitro Creatine

Nitro Creatine

Gives more energy, better muscle performance, increases strength and explosivity, prevents lactic acid build-up, increases protein synthesis

180 cps
€ 24.99


Take 6 capsules daily.


Key benefits

  • Gives more energy
  • Better muscle performance
  • Increases strength and explosivity
  • Prevents lactic acid build-up
  • Increases protein synthesis

Product Overview

The special properties of this product are that it increases the production of nitric oxide (NO). In addition to increased muscle strength you also get increased production of nitric oxide in muscles. This expands the blood vessels which in turn contribute to more nourishment and oxygen reaching the muscles. Additional blood flow generates more energy in the body and improves general performance. The body produces nitric oxide itself, but the amount is not sufficient for a physically very active person who trains regularly. In such cases it is the intake of food supplement that supports the production of NO. This product is fortified with grape seed extract, iron, niacin, B6, and B12. The combination of these elements normalises transport of oxygen in blood, prevents lactic acid build-up, increases protein synthesis, and improves metabolism of nutrients.

Nutrition Facts

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