Protein Mousse

Protein Mousse

Protein-rich dessert, low fat- and carbohydrate content, lactose- and gluten-free, easy to prepare, only 68 calories

240 g
€ 14.99


Mix 40g with 1½ cups water, bake the batter as traditional pancake / waffle. Up to 4 pancakes / waffles per serving.




Key benefits

• Protein-rich dessert • Low fat- and carbohydrate content • Lactose- and gluten-free • Easy to prepare • Only 68 calories

Product Overview

A powder mix from high-quality whey protein that can easily be prepared to a protein-rich mousse dessert. A dessert with an exquisite taste, prefect for breakfast or for a protein-rich snack, gives you energy and motivation to meet your day. The contents of this product also make it perfect to consume immediately after physical activity.


Nutrition Facts

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