Soy Protein

Soy Protein

100% soy protein isolate, 91% protein content, contains healthy isoflavones, sweetened with Stevia

1 kg
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1-3 portions daily according to need, and considering other protein sources in food.


Natural, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla


Key benefits

  • 100% soy protein isolate
  • 91% protein content
  • Contains healthy isoflavones
  • Sweetened with Stevia

Product Overview

100% isolated non-GMO soy protein with almost no fat and carbohydrates. A naturally high content of glutamine, arginine, and BRANCHED-chain amino acids give soy protein the same protein value as casein, whey, and egg, according to WHO (World Health Organization). This system of values is called PDCAAS and is determined by the quality of a protein, based on its amino acid content and digestibility (maximum is 1). Research has shown that soy isolate proteins do not influence the production of estrogens. Some studies have also shown an increased production of thyroxin T4, a hormone that regulates the speed of metabolism and can reduce levels of triglycerids (which can be defined as our fat storages. The fat molecules are synthesised and transported to fat cells with blood, where they will be stored as energy reserve. If the triglyceride level in blood is higher than 200 mg/dl, it can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and weight problems). This product is an excellent choice for vegetarians, vegans, and people with intolerance to egg, dairy, and its derivates. The especially high quantity of certain amino acids makes it ideal for all athletes who want to increase their daily protein intake.

Nutrition Facts

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