Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Help maintain strong healthy bones, supports immune function, cardiovascular function and enhance cellular function.

100 tab
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1 tablet daily.


Key benefits

  • Improves mood and gives energy by releasing endorphins
  • Protects against cardiovascular complications
  • Vital for bone health
  • Increases immune defence
  • Relieves fibromyalgia pains, such as back pain or general pain

Product Overview

Vitamin D contributes to various functions in the human body, such as immune defence, metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, bone mineralisation. Vitamin D is produced in the skin by sunlight, therefore it is recommended to take vitamin D supplements during the winter. A Norwegian study discovered that vitamin D deficiency can cause accumulation of localised fat. Vitamin D would intervene in releasing the fat. A sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body also influences the testosterone levels positively. Various researches have shown better mood and reduced fatigue. 

Nutrition Facts

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