Vitamins & Minerals

€ 12.99

Probiotic Lactospore®

High quality probiotic (Bacillus coagulans) 1 billion spores per capsule, formulated to resist stomach acids
€ 8.99


Promotes oxygen transport, strengthens the immune system, helps to cope with fatigue, strengthens nails and hair
€ 8.99


Ensures the recommended daily dosage of vitamins and minerals, supports immune defence, contributes to normal energy turnover, protects cells from oxidative stress
€ 8.99

Beta Carotene

Reduces skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, helps to keep skin supple, soft and healthy, supports immune defences, antioxidant
€ 9.99


Zinc helps support healthy immune system functions contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. It contributes to normal protein synthesis and the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.
€ 9.99

B Complex

Increased focus, reduces mental fatigue, increases concentration, increases energy, gluten free
€ 14.99

Vitamin D

Help maintain strong healthy bones, supports immune function, cardiovascular function and enhance cellular function.
€ 2.99

Sport Vitamin C

Effervescent tablets, 1000mg/tab vitamin c, it helps promote immune response, support the cardiovascular system and is essential for joints and other connective tissues.
€ 18.99


Combats muscle weakness and fatigue, restrains muscle cramps, avoids energy dip
€ 18.99


Formula that reduces fatigue and tiredness, regulates water balance, prevents muscle cramps.

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