€ 24.99
€ 14.99

Whey Protein Shake

22,5g Protein per dose, can Increase muscle growth, promotes recovery after physical activity, gluten Free
€ 21.99
€ 12.99


1g per tablet, stimulates protein synthesis, reduces muscle loss, it decreases the use of glucose, increases energy levels, reduces fatigue, reduces muscle pain
€ 26.99

Micro Whey Active

25g Whey Isolate per serving with low fat, carb and lactose, fast absorbing source of protein. Especially as a post-workout to help support lean muscle and promote healthy body composition.
€ 2.99

Sport Vitamin C

Effervescent tablets, 1000mg/tab vitamin c, it helps promote immune response, support the cardiovascular system and is essential for joints and other connective tissues.

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