€ 49.99

After Training Premium

Optimal recovery, stimulates protein synthesis, reduces muscle pain and inflammation, 20g of whey protein from hydrolyzed milk, with Beta-Cyclodextrin, 3g of Arginine, 2,3g PhenTor (HMB Fenilalanine), 480g Tart Cherry
€ 19.99
€ 12.99

Carnitine Liquid 100 000

1g L-Carnitine per dose, promotes energy naturally, enhances healthy cognitive function, supports healthy weight management, stimulant free
€ 43.99
€ 29.99

Proti Crunch

25 g of Protein, very low sugar content, low Glycemic Index (GI), 60g of fantastic crunchy taste, Ideal as a protein snack at any time of the day
€ 28.99

Egg & Oat Premium

High protein content, low glycemic carbohydrates, rich in fiber, lactose free and gluten free, Vit C, D, B2, B6 & B12 added
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